Month 03

Maven integration for Eclipse

A Maven

Now that we have Eclipse installed, we will add Maven to our Java toolbox. Maven will allow us to manage the projects and automate their building processes. The installation will be done inside the user's home folder and afterwards we will plug it into Eclipse. The version installed is the Maven v3.0.3 and the plugin installed to integrate Maven into Eclipse is m2eclipse, provided by Sonatype.

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How to manually install and configure Eclipse on Ubuntu

Computer Eclipse

A standard installation of the Eclipse IDE shouldn't  be too much complicated, not so much to write about it, however, the real purpose of this post is to let a trace of everything installed during the set up of the “Work area”, and this requirement makes this post mandatory. The Eclipse version installed is the last stable build available, the 3.6.2, codenamed Helios. Among the different packages available at the official Eclipse website, we will download and install the  “Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers”, since the main purpose is to work with web application projects. As usual, no root privileges will be need on any step.

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