Addthis buttons for Vosao blog

Addthis buttons

I tought it would be straight forward, with no reason to write a post about this topic. But finally, it will take not one but two post to explain how to add Addthis to Vosao with custom URLs and titles. In this first part I will modify the "Article overview" structure template to include several sharing buttons next to the overview of an article. In the second and last part, I will include the same buttons but with counters inside the "Article" structure template. These structures templates, "Article overview" and "Article",  are included by default inside the "Blog article" structure by Vosao CMS, so I guess that almost everyone would have it in their Vosao installation.

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Installing Java JDK 6 on Ubuntu

This article will show you how to install the JDK 6 (Java Development Kit) on the Ubuntu 10.10 operating system. The installation of the JDK will be done within the user's home folder, the structure used in this post is shown at the previous post "A transportable work area". If you are looking for a standard and straightforward installation, you will not find it here, and I strongly recommend you to keep searching.

The JDK is mainly for developers; it is distributed along with library packages to develop software programs, utility tools like javac to compile Java source code to Java bytecode, java to execute this Java bytecode and many more contents bundled on it. Usually, each JDK contains one (or more) JRE (Java Runtime Environment), the JRE provides the minimum requirements for executing Java applications. It consists of a set of standard class libraries that implement the Java API (Application Programming Interface), the JVM (Java Virtual Machine), and supporting files. The Java bytecode is executed on the JVM. Since there are implementations of the JVM for different platforms (Linux, Windows, etc), the source code can be compiled once and then executed independently on any of this platforms.

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Adding SyntaxHighlighter to Vosao

SyntaxHighlighter on Vosao

You may think that using the code or pre HTML tag to display the source code of a program in your site is enough, that it doesn't need any other improvement. However, once you see the same source code formatted by SyntaxHighlighter is hard to resist to make that little effort to obtain such an impressive result. Best of all, SyntaxHighlighter is non intrusive in your original code, you can keep using the pre HTML tag because all you need to do is to add a CSS class to that pre tag you were using.

At the time of this writing SyntaxHighlighter 3.0.83 is the last stable version available, and this will be the version installed in this how-to. The installation process shown here is adapted to the Vosao CMS, the Javascript and CSS files will be associated to a theme, so exporting the theme and importing it later should keep the SyntaxHighlighter feature available and working.

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A transportable work area

eclipse portable

We all enjoy this part of setting up an environment development for a new project, when everything still works on perfection because in fact there is nothing done yet. Right now, I am just there, deciding. There are two main targets to accomplish, firstly I want to be able to take my environment with me and play with it in three or four different computers, this will be achieved using a virtualization software, nothing special here. Secondly, I want to have control of almost everything that made up the development environment. What do I mean? Whether I install it on Windows or Ubuntu I don't want to execute a binary file o any automatic installation process, which will spread files over the OS. I want to have it all inside one single parent folder, this will force me to configure everything, but this way I will have knowledge about where it is everything. Moreover, except the environment variables, it should be possible to copy and paste the parent folder to another machine and be able to start working flawlessly.

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