Work area


This is the place to have a look at the whole work area. Most of the examples done in this site will be tested inside this work area, where every package installed has a reference to its article explaining how to install it. The work area is placed within the user's home folder, which is not the most common location to place some of the package installed, but it will allow us to install everything without requiring root privileges. Moreover, it will also force us to be aware and take care of every configuration step, because nothing will be configured by default.


  • /home
    • /me
      • /lab
        • /ide
          • /eclipse - Eclipse Helios 3.6
            • /plugins - m2eclipse, subclipse
        • /jvm - Java Development Kit (JDK 6 Update 23)
        • /tools
          • /maven - Maven 3.0.3

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